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We are an innovation company that works with data analysis, processing, integration and visualization, focusing on turning cities into "smart cities". Since 2014 our mission is to build a more human, sustainable and integrated city for all people, using technology, urbanism and design.


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Turns data into actions.

Web platform that integrates, processes and visually presents data, and whose objective is to deliver information to city managers and support their better decision-making, monitoring and city planning.

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Mobility for sustainable development.

Trancity public transport monitoring dashboard, with information on mobility and urban infrastructure, for city managers. Integrating several databases, it offers historical and real-time information that supports the management, operation and planning of the mobility system and the public transport networks.

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Media Scipopulis

BBC StoryWorks and UITP produced the mini-documentary The Way We Move, where Scipopulis starred in an episode in Rio de Janeiro city.

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Winners of the 1st Demoday Mobilab

Winners of the Objeto Brasil Design Award

Winners of Connected Smart Cities Award

Verizon Powerful Answers finalists

Winners of SESI SENAI Innovation Award


Roberto Speicys picture
Roberto Speicys

PhD in Computer Science from the University of Paris 6, gives information for those who are always on the move with a small screen in their hand.

Marcio Cabral picture
Marcio Cabral

PhD in Computer Science from the University of Nice, transforms numbers into images that are worth a thousand words.

Ivo Pons picture
Ivo Pons

PhD in Urbanism from Mackenzie, founder of NGO Design Possível, co-founder of Scipopulis and a member of the company advisory board.

Julian Monteiro picture
Julian Monteiro

PhD in Computer Science from the University of Nice, co-founder of Scipopulis and a member of the company advisory board.

Thayane Carvalho picture
Thayane Carvalho

Bachelor in Management and a Law student, Thayane brings opportunities in the area of smart cities to the company.

Alessandra Aleixo picture
Alessandra Aleixo

Bachelor in Advertising with specialization in Digital Design, she is an UX team member creating the best experience for our customers.

Camilla Perotto picture
Camilla Perotto

A Civil Engineering major from EESC-USP, she is the one who guarantees that the data will arrive to the end user clean and consistent.

Lysia Leão picture
Lysia Leão

Graduate in systems analysis and development at IFSP, she is responsible for transforming the design team's ideas into a functional interface.

Renato Scaroni picture
Renato Scaroni

Bachelor and Master’s student in computer science, he is dedicated to the data area covering all the process steps.

Gustavo Oliveira picture
Gustavo Oliveira

Civil Engineering from EESC/USP, Gustavo assists in data processing.

Marlon Martins picture
Marlon Martins

Bachelor's degree in Computer Science, he acts in Back-End development, working with data processing and analysis.

Leander Alves picture
Leander Alves

Bachelor in Computer Engineering from UFMT, he works on resolution and refactoring of outdated codes.

Crislane Costa picture
Crislane Costa

Computer Science student at Universidade Estadual do Ceará, she assists in the structure and analysis of company data.

Laryssa Paiva picture
Laryssa Paiva

Computer Science student at Universidade Federal Fluminense, she assists in data analysis and building API’s.

Milena Campos picture
Milena Campos

Bachelor's degree in Civil Engineering from Unicamp and Ecole Centrale de Nantes, she helps with data processing and analysis.